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25/05/2018 - We are running again ! 24/05/2018 - Unfortunately the pool was rebooted.
This seems to be related with our hosting provider and we are investigating it, we are now loading blocks again and running v 0.2.3
18/05/2018 - I would like to shout a BIG thank you to all our miners, for staying with us!
while we're working on our new site, please have a look at the blocks we've found :)
enjoy your weekend and happy mining ;)
15/05/2018 - We are up again, come and get your blocks !
mining compensation will be sent out today !
UPDATE: Compensation payout have been sent check the address list and Transactions between 2018-05-15 13:25:44.267 UTC and 2018-05-15 13:52:33.396 UTC

14/05/2018 - The hardware upgrade has been done, we are now loading the storage again and the compensation will be sent to every single address in active state connected with us at May 14 11:00 UTC we will also publish the list of connected miners
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33.0 GH/s






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Hosts 455 of 455
Blocks 56949913 of 56949913
Main Blocks 189020 of 189020
Orphan Blocks 178
Blocks Waiting for sync 12756
Chain Difficulty 62fd2d2f2245d90b4e192aff22c of 62fd2d2f2245d90b4e192aff22c
Current Supply 193556480.000000000 of 193556480.000000000
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xdag.exe -m 1 xdag.poolaroid.cash:443


./xdag -m 1 xdag.poolaroid.cash:443